Sarah Brooke - Tape Gagged FULL Video MP4 HD

18:47 video

Featuring Sarah Brooke

Mouth stuffing , Microfoam tape , Bundling Tape Gag , Gag talk  

Gag 1

Sarah is ready to be gagged by Jeff. Her hands are first secured behind the chair with a ziptie. Sarah now unable to use her hands is now getting her mouth stuffed. To make it a very effective gag there is 2" microfoam tape wrapped around her head many times. Sarah is left alone and needs to try to get the very sticky tape gag off. While doing this she gag talks a lot & all that is coming out of her mouth is muffled MMMPPPPHHINNG. 

Gag 2

Now that it's sure that she can't get off the first gag herself Jeff helps her by taking it off. As a second gag the choice is grey electrician cable bundling tape. Sarah gets the same wet stuffing put in again. The tape gets wrapped around her head a few times to keep her gagged real good. When the gag is done Jeff pulls out her boobs out her dress which makes her angry because that wasn't the deal at all. She is left alone to gag talk again now very irritated by her boobs hanging out. When it's again clear that she can't pull off the gag herself Jeff helps her to remove the tight gag of her face and she spits out the stuffing.

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