Rara - Self Gag 2 FULL 2 Gag Video MP4 HD

19:18 video

Featuring Rara

Mouth stuffing , Tergaderm Tape , Gag talk  

Gag 1

Rara is bored and want's to do a sexy self gag session. She has her shirt unbuttoned because she is so extremely hot. Rara starts by putting a shiny panty in her mouth that forces her mouth open and then puts one piece of clear tergaderm tape over it.  This is a very good gag because all that is coming out of her mouth is muffled damsel in distress gag talk sounds that she mixes with all different kinds of sounds. When she gag talked enough for your pleasure she pulls off the tape and spits out the panty. 

Gag 2

Rara now wants to try a different effect with the clear tergaderm tape. She puts in a pantyhose as stuffing and closes her lips before putting the clear tergaderm over her lips. This makes a very effective and almost impossible gag gag. She tries to open her lips multiple times and moves around the pantyhose inside of her mouth while doing this. Rara does her best to show off the gag to you while making mixed gag talk & MMMPPPHING sounds. When she is done gag talking she pulls off the very sticky tape and spits out the pantyhose.

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