Terri Lou - Naughty Topless Self Gag MP4 HD

20:34 video

Featuring Terri Lou 

Mouth stuffing , Microfoam Tape , Tergaderm Tape , Blenderm Tape , Gag Talk 


Terri has decided to bring you the sexiest self gag yet. She is going to do her three most favorite gags and all topless. 

Gag 1

Terri is starting off with a microfoam wrap around tape gag. She stuffs in two panties and wraps around the microfoam tape very tightly. When Terri is done with the very effective gag it's time to make a lot of muffled sounds for you. Terri shows off her gag up close to you and makes her boobs bounce while enjoying the tight stuffed gag.

Gag 2

As a second favorite Terri choose the tergaderm tape with the 2 big panties as stuffing again. She stuffs the already pretty wet panties back in her mouth and applies the tergaderm tape. Terri now gagged as you please starts by making gag talk sounds and showing off the gag to you. This all makes her very naughty and she really enjoys being gagged for you. When she has talked enough she pulls off the very adhesive tergaderm tape and keep in the panties. 

Gag 3

Now it's time for the last favorite gag of Terri. She still has 2 big panties in her mouth as stuffing and decides to wrap around the blenderm tape as a final gag. Terri wraps it tight so you can see the stuffing packed in very secure. When she is done with the wrap around she starts gag talking for you. You can really hear her enjoying it to the fullest while giving you a good side profile view of the gag. When she thinks you have seen enough she pulls of the layers of blenderm tape and pulls out the very wet stuffing.

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