Terri Lou as Wonder Woman Tape Gagged by Goon FULL Video MP4 HD

14:21 video

Featuring Terri Lou

Mouth Stuffing , Black PVC Cleave Gag , Silver Wrap Around Gag , Gag Talk


Wonder Woman is captured and chairtied with the Lasso of Truth and after she has been interrogated.. The Goon that needs to keep a close eye on her decides to have some gag fun with her..

Gag 1

The goon has all the answers he needed from Wonder Woman so he starts by putting a little sock inside of her mouth. He wraps around Black PVC Tape as a tight cleave gag. Wonder Woman now fully tied and Gagged tries her best to call for help but she is held in a sound isolated room so it's of no use. She struggles hard to get out of the tight chairtie but since it's with her own Lasso there is no chance she can get out of it... Her gag is taken of by the goon when he thinks he can apply a slightly more effective gag..

Gag 2

Wonder woman still chairtied with the inescapable Lasso of Truth is about to be gagged again by the goon.. He starts by putting a big panty inside of her mouth and then tightly secures it in her mouth with Silver PVC Tape as a wrap around tape gag. He leaves Wonder Woman alone to struggle and try to scream all she wants... Wonder Woman now incapable of getting any clear sound out of her mouth tries her best but all there is coming out of her mouth is MMMMPPHINGG and muffled gag talk.. Every call for help is of no use but still she hopes to be released by the goon. When the goon has had enough fun with the helpless Wonder Woman he takes of the sticky tape gag and panty stuffing. 

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