Aubrey - Three Shades of Grey Tape FULL 3 Gag Video MP4 HD

Featuring Aubrey

Mouth Stuffing , Bundling Tape , Light Grey PVC Tape , Dark Grey PVC Tape , Gag Talk

Gag 1

Hot GND Aubrey is captured again is going to be gagged. Her mouth gets stuffed with two white socks packed together and bundling tape wrapped around her head to keep the stuffing in. Aubrey now with her mouth packed and taped gets crazy and tries to scream for help trough her tape gag. All that is coming from her mouth is loud moaning. She hates to be the damsel and does her best to alarm her neighbours by making as much sound as possible...

Gag 2

Now it's time for a slightly different gag for Aubrey. Her mouth gets stuffed again and this time there is light grey PVC tape wrapped around her face that covers her full lower face. Aubrey now furious about being in this position even gets a little angry and tries to talk to the guy that puts the gags on her. She tries to get as much sound as possible trough the heavy stuffed tape gag but all that is coming out her mouth is MMMMPPPHING..

Gag 3

Aubrey already tired of all the gag talking is now about to get gagged for the third time. Her mouth is stuffed with socks and while the dark grey PVC tape is wrapped around she gives up protesting and gives a look of go ahead.. After the tape is applied she starts moaning gag talking and screaming again. It all makes no sense nobody will ever understand or hear her trough this very silencinggag..

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