Rebecca Leah - Tegaderm Tape Gagged FULL 2 Gag Video MP4 HD

Featuring Rebecca Leah

Stuffed Mouth, Tegaderm Tape Gag , Gag talk 

Gag 1

Rebecca is going to do her first self gag for you at Gag Attack. She starts by grabbing a big piece of Tegaderm Tape and she pushes it onto her lower part of her face. She slowly peels of the other side while giving you a closer look at it. When she is done with applying the very sticky tape gag Rebecca starts gag talking for you. She pretends to be captured by you while loudly gag talking. When she thinks you've seen enough she pulls of the very sticky clear tape.  

Gag 2

Now it's time for a somewhat heavier gag. Rebecca puts in a big silky scarf inside of her mouth filling up her cheeks to the maximum. She puts a bit piece of Tegaderm on top of it to keep the huge stuffing in. Rebecca can now only do a lot of muffled gag talk and gives you a closer look while doing so. She also simulates being captured by you while MMMMMPPPHING like a damsel in distress. Rebecca takes off the tape when she is done with all the gag talk and slowly pulls out the scarf.

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