Penny Lee - Christmas Self Gag Special FULL 3 Gag Video MP4 HD

Featuring Penny Lee

Mouth Stuffing , Tegaderm Tape Gag , Red Knotted Cleave Gag , Microfoam Tape gag , Gag Talk

Gag 1

Penny is on the naughty list this year.. Santa has given her gag instructions this year.. Number one is a stuffed a small panty Tegaderm tape gag. Penny tries to talk trough the silencing gag. She gives you a closer look while trying to talk trough the stuffed tape gag. All that is coming out of her stuffed mouth is muffled gag talk... When Penny thinks she has done this gag correctly for Santa she takes him off. 

Gag 2

Penny is now going to do the second instructed gag by Santa. She tightly applies a red knotted cleave gag. Again she is talking trough the gag protesting a bit angry against Santa his gag instructions. Penny gives a closer look while gag talking a lot. She really want to come off the naughty list so she gives all she haves...

Gag 3

It's time for the last gag off the gag instructions list of Santa.. Penny has to roll up a huge sock to stuff inside her mouth and puts a piece of microfoam tape tightly over her big stuffed mouth. This extreme stuffed gag will get her off the naughty list for sure! Penny tries to talk as much as she can trough this heavily stuffed gag but all there is coming out of her mouth is loud MMMMPPHING. She tries to give you the best look possible on how tight the tape is secured over her mouth. When she is done she takes the tape off and wishes you a Merry Christmas , Happy New Year & Blows you a kiss.

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