Bad Dolly - Self Gag 4 FULL 3 Gag Video MP4 HD

Featuring Bad Dolly 

Mouth stuffing , Black Duct Tape Gag , Vet wrap gag , Tegaderm Tape Gag , Gag Talk

Gag 1

Dolly is going to do a special self gag for you while she is wearing a very sexy PVC lingerie set. She starts off by putting a sock inside of her mouth and putting three pieces of black duct tape over her mouth to keep the stuffing in. When her gag is completed she starts gag talking for you and giving you a close look at her beautiful gagged mouth. Dolly does her best working the gag with her mouth while gag talking loads for you. When she has shown you enough she pulls off the sticky tape and takes out the wet sock. 

Gag 2

Now it's time for another favorite gag of dolly. She starts by packing the already wet sock back in again and wraps around bright blue vet wrap tightly around her head. Now that her mouth is packed and secured she starts by gag talking loads and moving her mouth a lot while doing so. Dolly gives you a closer look at how tight the vet wrap is around her stuffed mouth. She does all of this while gag talking loads for you and making sure you hear enough of muffled MMMMPPHING. After a while she takes off the tight vet wrap and takes out the very wet sock. 

Gag 3

Now it's time for dolly's final gag. She switches the very wet sock for a clean white sock and puts on a piece of Tegaderm tape to lock it inside of her mouth. With the sticky tape now applied over her mouth Dolly starts gag talking heavily moving her mouth a lot. The clear tape makes all the mouth moving visable while she keeps on making muffled gag talking sounds. She even gives you a close look at it while still moving her mouth trying to talk. After some time she takes off the tape and takes out the wet sock. 

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