Mila - Heavily Gagged while in Tape Bondage FULL Bondage Video MP4 HD

12:45 video

Featuring Mila

Mouth stuffing , Tape Bondage , Silver PVC Tape , Wrap gag , Gag talk 


Mila is ready to be the first time in tape bondage and heavily tape gagged


Mila is wearing a black leegging and a dark green top and is about to be put in tape bondage. 

First her ankles and legs get tied with the silver PVC tape and after that her wrists behind her back and her elbows onto her body. She is left to struggle a bit to see if she can get out by herself. There is no way Mila can get these tight tape ties off...

Now that it is a fact that Mila isn't going anywhere she is ready to be heavily gagged. There is a ankle sock stuffed inside of her mouth and there are multiple wraps of silver PVC tape wrapped around her head to keep her quiet. Mila tries to protest against it but it's alreadt too late all that is coming out of her mouth is loud MMMPPPHING.. 

Mila tries to escape the ties and makes as much sound as possible while doing so. She gets a bit angry about her situation and you can see that from her face expression and loud gag talking.. She struggles and keeps on gag talking for a while sometimes she has to take a breath inbetween which you hear clearly.

When her capturer thinks she has had enough he takes of the ties around her wrists and elbows first and after that he pulls off the tight PVC wrap around gag. While doing this you see the agony of the very sticky tape being removed from her face. Her legs are untied as last and Mila is finally free.

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