Aubrey - Fun Gag Experience FULL 3 Gag Video MP4 HD

16:24 video

Featuring Aubrey

Mouth stuffing , Tegaderm Tape Gag , Microfoam Tape Gag , PVC Tape Gag ,  Gag Talk 

Gag 1

First Gag for Aubrey will be a Tegaderm Tape gag stuffed with a big blue sponge. The sponge fills up her mouth completely and there is a big piece of Tegaderm Tape applied onto her face to keep it in. It's now up to Aubrey to talk as much as she can trough the heavily stuffed gag. She does her best to talk as much and loud as possible making a lot of MMMMPPPHING.

Gag 2

As a second gag there is a pack of black ankle socks stuffed inside of her mouth and a piece of Microfoam tape put onto her face to keep it in place. Aubrey is left alone to gag talk again. This gag is slightly less effective which gives Aubrey to produce more sounds but still very muffled. She comes closer a bit to talk directly to you.

Gag 3

As a third and final gag Aubrey her mouth gets stuffed with a white hankie and one piece of Silver PVC Tape over her mouth. Aubrey knowing that this will be her last gag of today tries to give it her best shot at gag talking very loud and with a lot of MMMMMPPHING. 

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