Julia - PVC Tape Gagged While in Tape Bondage FULL Bondage Video MP4 HD

15:20 video

Featuring Julia Green

Mouth stuffing , Tape Bondage , Silver PVC Tape , Wrap gag , Gag talk


Julia is snooping around and is searching for valuables 


The video starts with Julia snooping around to check out if there are valuables in the seemingly abandoned premesis. She takes a look around and after a hard day of breaking into houses she takes a rest on the couch. 

When Julia wakes up from her little rest she is heavily tied with silver PVC tape and there is no chance of escaping this. Who has done this to her? Julia struggles hard to get out of her heavy tape bondage but all her attempts are futile. 

The home owner comes back to Julia and tells her that she is "lucky" that he haven't called the police. He found a good victim to get his hands on. Julia's mouth gets stuffed with a hankie and there is duct tape tightly wrapped around her head as a tight wrap gag. She is left alone to stuggle with no chance of escaping the tight tape bondage or get the tight wrap around gag off.

Julia struggles hard to get out of this sticky situation MMMMMPPPHING a lot while doing so. She tries to talk a much as possible trough the effective stuffed gag. She tries to get her gag off but it is applied so tight around her head that it doesn't get off no matter what she tries.

As if it wasn't bad enough for poor Julia a ziptie is added to her big toes making it 100% impossible for her to get away. She lifts her feet to look at her totally tied feet and try to get the ziptie off but it is applied too tight to get it off her beautiful toes. 

Julia struggles for the remainder of the clip and tries to get her bondage and gag off while heavily gag talking. 

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