Julia - Multiple Gags While Wearing Catsuit Full 3 Gag Video MP4 HD

14:11 video

Featuring Julia Green

Mouth stuffing , Tape Bondage , Wrap gag , Gag talk , Tegaderm Tape Gag , Microfoam Tape Gag , Cleave Gag 

Gag 1

Julia's capturer isn't done yet with his caught catburglar. He stuffs in a yellow hankie with a star pattern on it and tapes her mouth shut with clear tegaderm medical tape. Julia already irritated by her capturer tries to talk as much as she can trough the stuffed tape gag but all that is coming out of her mouth is muffled gag talk.

Gag 2

Now it's time for poor Julia to undergo another gag. She has to keep the wet hankie in and there is 3" Microfoam tape tightly wrapped around her head as a tight wrap around gag. Julia tries to protest but all that is coming out of her mouth is loud MMMMMMPPPPHING. Julia struggles to get out of her heavily tape bondage but all her attempts are futile. 

Gag 3

Julia is about to undergo her last gag and the now very wet hankie needs to stay in her mouth and there is a silk cleave gag applied on her. Julia now desperate for her capturer to let her go is turning from a feisty gag talking to a more helpless DID. She gag talks a lot but there is no way anyone will hear her trough the gag.


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