Rara - Tegaderm Tape Gagged FULL 2 Gag Video MP4 HD

9:36 video

Featuring Rara

Stuffed Mouth, Tegaderm Tape Gag , Gag talk 

Gag 1

Rara is tied to the chair and about to be gagged multiple times. There is a little piece of blue sponge stuffed inside her mouth and she is ordered to close her mouth. A big piece of Tegaderm medical tape is applied over her mouth to keep her quiet. Rara struggles to get out of the ropes and get the very silencing gag off while gag talking a lot. The only thing she can do now is wait till her captor comes back to remove her gag but how long will this take? Her only option is MMMMPPHING a lot..

Gag 2

Rara's captor returns and put a much bigger blue sponge inside of her mouth. The sponge fills up her whole moth and makes her cheeks bulge. There is a piece of Tegaderm medical tape put over her mouth. Rara now furious about her situation gag talks a lot trough her gag but there is no way you can understand a word from what she is saying. All there is coming out of her heavily stuffed mouth is loud MMMMPPHING. Her captor comes back and removes the tape from her face and you can see how sticky it is from the agony on Rara's face. 

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