Aubrey - PVC Tape Gagged While in Tape Bondage MP4 HD

14:25 video

Featuring Aubrey

Mouth stuffing , Tape Bondage , Silver PVC Tape Gag


Aubrey gets home from robbing people as catburglar just when she thinks she can rest something strange happens..


Aubrey takes off her heels and leaves them in the hallway. She enters her living room not thinking about someone who want to give her a payback for breaking into his house. Aubrey takes a rest on the sofa not knowing that there is somebody present in her house.

She wakes up from her little rest all tied up with silver duct tape and unable to get out of her tight bondage. Aubrey asks herself the question who has done this to her.. She tries to struggle out of the very tight tape bondage but there is no chance of escaping the tight bondage. 

When her captor shows himself to her he immediately starts stuffing her mouth with a sock and tightly wraps around duct tape to keep her quiet. The tough cat burglar is now turned into a helpless kitty. She moans through the tight stuffed gag but all that is coming out of her mouth is loud MMMMMPHHHING. With no chance of escaping the tight tape bondage the only thing she can do at the moment is wiggle and try to get it a bit looser. 

As if it wasn't bad enough for Aubrey her toes get tied together with a zip tie as well. Now with the toe tie added she is unable to hop away. She tries to alarm her neighbors with her loud muffled gag talk and screams but it's of no use nobody will hear her.

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