Aubrey & Rara - Nurse on the run captured by Cop MP4 HD

23:33 video

Featuring Aubrey & Rara

Mouth stuffing , Silver PVC Cleave Gag , Black PVC Cleave Gag , Chairtie , Bed Tied , F/F Bondage , Cloth Cleave Gag

*Two great models, a turnabout plot and some trademark GagAttack touches*

*make this custom commission a winner!*


RaRa plays a busty nurse (in a non-standard uniform, to be truthful), hiding out in a deserted house for unexplained reasons. She soon encounters sexy cop Amber, looking hot in her tight outfit, and looking to arrest her. While awaiting backup, Amber ties RaRa to a chair, adding a silver tape gag with stuffing when her quarry gets too loud and annoying. Left alone, RaRa struggles unsuccessfully against the ropes and gags, giving us a great view of her predicament. Amber returns to take RaRa away, but the nurse breaks free when untied, and turns the tables. Amber is now bound to the chair, gagged with black tape and stuffing, and we see her trying to get free.


When RaRa comes back, Amber has managed to free herself from the ropes and overcomes her surprised captor. RaRa is now incapacitated and soon finds herself laid out helpless on a bed, chained in a spreadeagle, a tight cloth cleave gag between her teeth. Her struggling is great to see, but ineffectual. Amber gloats that she'll be taken into custody as soon as her colleague gets there, and RaRa gets more frantic. Unfortunately, the colleague is just as shady a figure and he overpowers Amber. She joins RaRa in bondage, roped next to her with a matching gag. Both ladies squirm helplessly, with an uncertain fate now ahead of them - will the voluptuous nurse and the leggy policewoman work together on an escape plan? 


Two gorgeous models in sensationally sexy uniforms bound, gagged, writhing and 'mmpphh'-ing in a variety of scenarios, made with the authentic GagAttack stamp. The best of both worlds!


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