Aubrey & Julia - Catsuit Tape Bondage FULL Bondage MP4 HD

16:58 video

Featuring Aubrey & Julia

Mouth stuffing , Tape Bondage , Silver PVC Tape , Wrap gag , Gag talk


Aubrey & Julia go on a burglar tour and they find a "abandoned" building little do they know..


Aubrey & Julia enter the building not knowing which danger lies ahead of them. They snoop around searching for valuables but there is nothing to be found. They are a bit tired of robbing places and fall a rest on the sofa. 

When the hot catburglars wake up they are heavily tied with tape. They struggle to get out of the heavy ties but there is no chance these tough catburglars can escape. All their attempts to do so are futile.

Their capturer comes to them wearing a ski mask and they where burgling on his block.. He stuffs both their mouths with a sock and tightly wraps around silver pvc tape. Now the only thing they can do is struggle and gag talk a lot while attempting to get out. 

The two normally very tough cat burglars are now turned in helpless kitties struggling and squirming to get out of their bonds. As a desperate action they take off the heels of Julia and try to cut through the tape ties but it's all in vain.

Both of them try to alarm anyone about their situation even if it's one of the home owners... The only thing they can do is struggle and MMMMMPPPPPHHHH...

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