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Models / Jacqui

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Jacqui Updates

Jacqui - Gag Show
Story Jacqui is doing a little gag show over at Gag Attack! She gets gagged with a stuffed microfoam cleave gag to start with. This already makes it hard for Jacqui to produce sounds but not impossible. She does her best MMMMMPPPHHING trough the gag. But this is just the first layer... There is a clear tape layer added on top of the microfoam tape gag to keep her even more quiet while giving the...

Jacqui - Secretary Grabbed & Heavily Gagged
Story Jacqui is just watching her beautiful nails when she is grabbed. She is taped up and gets a pair of panties stuffed in her mouth with duct tape wrapped around her head to keep it in. Jacqui struggles in her bondage while MMMMPPPHING trough her gag. She desperately tries to free herself, her eyes darting around the room for any possible means of escape. The muffled sounds of her protests echo...

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged
Jacqui - Playing Cops & Robbers
Story Jacqui is a babysitter that agrees on a game of cops & robbers. She is tied with tape and thinks it has been enough. But before she knows she is duct tape gagged and left to struggle. Jacqui's heart races as she tries to free herself from the tight bonds of the duct tape. Panic sets in as she realizes that her attempts to call for help are muffled by the gag, leaving her completely helpless...

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged
Jacqui - Secretary Put in Tape Bondage
Jacqui is a secretary just returned from work when she is suddenly grabbed. She is fully tied with duct tape and heavily stuffed & duct tape wrap gagged. She is left alone to struggle in her tight tape bondage and MMMMMPPPPHHH trough her gag. Jacqui' wriggles and squirms, but the duct tape holds her firmly in place. Jacqui's duct tape wrap gag gets replaced for a microfoam wrap gag and she...

Jacqui - Dom Gets The Tables Turned on Her
Jacqui is a dom that gets the tables turned on her. She tells her slave he will be tied up and unable to do anything. Suddenly she is heavily tape tied and there is a ballgag stuffed inside of her mouth making it unable for her to speak and immobilizing her almost completely. She wiggles around on the bed fully unable to move making a lot of muffled gag talk sounds. There are a few pieces of...

Jacqui - Boss Lady Learnt a Lesson
Jacqui called in her employee in for a talk at her house. She had some complaints about him bothering people she asks him why it's acceptable. She will have to punish him and need to come up with one. He taunts her by saying let's see... The bitchy boss is heavily tied with tape and tells her employee that he is in a lot of trouble. She doesn't understand yet that her place is being the submissive...

Tags: Duct Tape Wrap Gag tape bondage tape gagged topless
Jacqui - Police Officer in Bondage Trouble
Jacqui is an officer looking for a wanted criminal while on duty when she is suddenly grabbed from behind. Jacqui screamed and thrashed as the arms of her attacker tightened around her. She felt the grip of fear that had enveloped her, but she refused to give in and fought back with all her strength. Before she gets gagged, she tells the criminal that he will be in big trouble if he continues....

Tags: Black PVC Tape Wrap Clear PVC Tape Wrap Duct Tape Gag OTN Gag
Jacqui - Secretary loves to be tied up & Gagged
She enjoys being helplessly bound and gagged, and Jacqui's captor is happy to oblige... In a POV shot, sexy secretary Jacqui is only-too-keen to be tied up, and that's just what happens... Arms, chest and legs all taped up, she looks a picture, but points out that she still needs gagging! A silver wraparound tape gag completes the desired scenario, and she proceeds to writhe provocatively in her...

Tags: Duct Tape Wrap Gag Gag talk Microfoam Cleave Gag OTN Gag