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Models / Mila

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Mila - Secretary Taped Gags HD
Gag 1 Mila sits up when the villain comes back, and gets a single-strip tape-gag over stuffing for her trouble. She shakes her hair, flashes her eyes and wiggles her toes for us, but her captor is unmoved, just like the tape that binds her.  Gag 2 The next gag is a red ball-gag. More pleading for release follows, but to no avail. Mila tries to speak through the ballgag but all that is coming...

Tags: Ballgag Duct Tape Gag tape bondage tape gagged
Mila - Secretary Taped HD
Story Mila finds herself bound and gagged on the most dangerous sofa in Europe! In a nice shirt, skirt and pantyhose combination, Mila tosses her hair playfully, but playtime comes to an abrupt halt. She is grabbed and taped up securely, with a wide, stuffed, wraparound tape-gag for good measure. The surprised girl barely resists, and slumps onto the sofa, 'mmpphh'-ing plaintively.

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged
Mila & Julia - Double Cross Bondage HD
Julia Green , Mila
Story Julia ties and gags Mila, but is then captured herself, in a custom video... Mila has been tied up on a chair by Julia, who then gags her with a stuffed cloth over-the-mouth-gag. In a pale dress and bare legs, Mila struggles and 'mmpphhs' energetically, but is roped too securely - her hands behind the chair, legs bound, and chest-harnessed. Sun-dress-clad Julia threatens to tighten the gag,...

Tags: Cloth OTM Gag Duct Tape Gag Rope Bondage tape gagged
Mila - Captured and Heavily Gagged Gags HD
A new gag is applied after a while, thin tape being wrapped around many times. More moaning and struggling results, but Mila remains helpless. The third gag is a wide cleave-gag, white tape over more stuffing, and Mila is further quietened with the addition of a scarf over this gag, covering her nose, mouth and the whole lower half of her face. Unable to get free, or make much noise now, the redhead...

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged
Mila - Captured and Heavily Gagged HD
Mila's mouth is repeatedly stuffed and tape-gagged after a bad guy ties her up for unexplained reasons. At the start of the clip, Mila, in a clingy jumper and skirt, sits on the sofa. She is immediately confronted by an unexpected intruder, who swiftly tapes her up securely. He stuffs Mila's mouth, then wraps more of the heavy-duty tape several times around her head, gagging her. Mila protests as...

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged
Mila - Pantyhose Encased & Hooded
Featuring Mila Story Long-necked redhead Mila is overpowered, then nylon-encased in her underwear, taped up and gagged. Minding her own business, Mila is taped up and gagged by a bad guy after her money. Most of her body is encased in nylons, her arms, body and legs securely taped, then her mouth is stuffed and several layers of tape are wrapped around her head to gag her effectively. Eyelashes...

Tags: pantyhose encased Silver PVC Tape Gag stocking feet tape bondage
Mila - Secretary Work From Home Disrupted FULL 3 Gag Video
Gag 1 When Mila’s captor comes back he has another surprise for her he is going to have some more gag fun with her. He stuffs her mouth again and tightly wraps around black bandage to keep the mouth stuffing inside of her mouth. With Mila’s mouth now heavily stuffed her captor leaves her again to gag talk as much as she can. (Nobody will hear her for sure) She MMMMMHHHPPPSS struggles and squirms...

Mila - Secretary Work From Home Disrupted FULL Bondage Video
Mila just had a little lunch break and was about to spend the remaining of her break by just chilling on the sofa. But suddenly someone enters her house and grabs her wrists and puts them behind her back. Before she knows it she is fully tied up with duct tape. Her captor stuffs her mouth and tightly wraps around duct tape to keep the mouth stuffing in while he searches her place for valuables....

Tags: Bandage Wrap Gag Business Look PVC Tape Gag tape gagged