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Models / Penny Lee

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Penny Lee - Tegaderm Tape Gagged HD
Penny Lee
Penny is wearing a red lingerie and is bound on a chair in her bedroom. Her captor comes in and starts stuffing a sock inside of her mouth and puts a big piece of Tegaderm tape over her mouth. Penny's lips are secured together now and she is left alone to gag talk. She does her best mmmmppphing a lot while giving you all sort of looks. Her light stuffing gets replaced by a huge green sponge forcing...

Tags: Narrow PVC Tape Wrap Tegaderm Tape
Penny Lee - MIcrofoam Tape Gagged HD
Penny Lee
Featuring Penny Lee 2" Microfoam Tape, Cleave Gag, Wrap Gag, OTM Gag Story Penny is wearing a pink set of lingerie and is already bound on a chair. Her captor drops in and stuffs in a big pack of socks and tightly wraps around 2" Microfoam tape as a cleave gag. He wraps a lot of layers around Penny's mouth before leaving her alone. Penny now completely helpless and tries to speak as much as she...

Tags: 2" microfoam tape Cleave gag OTM Gag Wrap Gag
Penny Lee - PVC Tape Gagged FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Penny Lee
Featuring Penny Lee Black PVC Cleave Gag, Duct Tape Wrap Gag Story Penny thinks she's had enough gags, but her captor has other ideas. Dressed only in skimpy lingerie, busty Penny is tied up in a chair and repeatedly gagged, despite her protests. She first wears a black tape wraparound cleave gag with stuffing, making it clear she's not happy, but helpless to resist. She struggles in the chair,...

Tags: Black PVC Cleave Gag Clear PVC Tape Wrap Duct Tape Gag
Penny Lee - Various Gag Devices FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Penny Lee
Penny complains about being placed in bondage, but a variety of gags quieten her down. In sexy, near see-through lingerie, Penny sits in a chair with her hands tied behind her back. To muffle her protests, she is bit-gagged, prompting much struggling and 'mmpphh'-ing, to little effect. When she begins to drool, Penny's captor replaces the bit with a ring-gag, filling her mouth with stuffing to...

Tags: Ballgag bit gag Ring Gag
Penny Lee - Multi Layered Gag HD
Penny Lee
Featuring Penny Lee Gag 1 Penny is captured and sits in a chair, arms tied behind her back and ankles tied together. Her captor enters and stuffs her mouth with a pack of white socks , then uses very narrow PVC tape as a tight wraparound cleave gag. Penny's muffled protests go unheeded - her captor won't let her go. She tries working the gag off with her lips, but the sticky tape keeps the socks...

Tags: Bandage Wrap Gag Cleave gag Tegaderm Tape Tegaderm Tape Gag
Penny - Catsuit Burglar in Tape Bondage FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Penny Lee
Featuring Penny Lee Gag 1 The homeowner returns after a while, deciding to have some fun with his captive. A clear tape gag, again with stuffing, replaces the wraparound - again Penny can only moan behind it, and her struggles are ineffectual. She gets angrier and more frustrated at her situation. Layer 1 Next, Penny's mouth is filled with a large red ball-gag, which further makes her helpless,...

Tags: Ballgag Gag talk tape bondage tape gagged
Penny - Catsuit Burglar in Tape Bondage FULL Bondage Video HD
Penny Lee
Featuring Penny Lee Story Buxom blonde Penny, in a tight and revealing catsuit, is placed in thoroughly restrictive tape bondage and a variety of silencing gags. Wearing a catsuit displaying her generous cleavage and barefoot, burglar Penny settles on a comfy bed for a rest, but falls asleep. When she wakes, she finds she has been securely bound in tape, hands secured behind her back, arms pinned...

Tags: catsuit Gag talk tape bondage Tape Gag
Penny Lee - Cleaning Lady Hogtied HD
Penny Lee
EP 1 Penny is hired to clean up a property to make it suitable for renting out again. Little does she know is that somebody is creeping in on her. She gets grabbed and before she knows she is fully tied with cotton ropes. With Penny now fully tied her captor starts to stuff her mouth with a gigantic pack of black socks and tightly wraps around duct tape as a very wide wrap gag. With Penny’s mouth...

Tags: Silver PVC Tape Tape Gag tape gagged Wrap Around Gag