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Models / Rebecca Leah

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Rebecca - Tegaderm Tape Gagged HD
Rebecca Leah
Featuring Rebecca Tegaderm Tape, Stress ball, Narrow PVC Tape Story Rebecca is captured and tied up sitting on a chair when her captor comes in. Her stuffs in a pair of socks and puts 2 pieces of Tegaderm on top of it. Rebecca tries to work the gag off while gag talking and mmmmpppphing the whole time through her gag. She gets angry at her captor for putting her in this situation. Rebecca thinks...

Tags: Narrow PVC Tape Gag Tegaderm Tape Gag
Rebecca Leah - Lingerie Model Undergoing Multiple Layered Gag
Rebecca Leah
Featuring Rebecca Duct tape gag, Wrap gag, Narrow PVC Wrap gag Story Rebecca is captured and about to get gagged there are 2 big hankies stuffed inside of her mouth and there are three pieces of very sticky duct tape placed on top of it silencing her completely. Rebecca’s tries to talk and to release herself from her bonds but there is no escaping. She mmmmpppphhsss a lot through the heavily stuffed...

Tags: Duct Tape Gag Narrow PVC Tape Gag Wrap Gag
Rebecca Leah - Microfoam Tape Gagged FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Rebecca Leah
Rebecca is captured and put on a chair with her wrists tied behind her back and ankles tied together. Her captor comes in and stuff in a pack of 2 ankle socks and tightly wraps around 2” microfoam tape as a wide cleave wrap gag. Rebecca tries to say something but all that is coming out of her mouth is MMMMMMPHING. Rebecca does her best working the gag off with her lips moving them while trying to...

Tags: 2" microfoam tape Gag talk Microfoam Wrap Gag OTN Gag
Chloe & Rebecca - Secretaries in Tape Bondage FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Gag 1 Later the robber changes their gags to Tegaderm tape over a big mouth filling stuffing, to quieten them further. They MMMMPPPPPHHH and try to escape their bondage but there is no chance escaping. Layer 1 These are subsequently replaced by wide cleave-gags of Microfoam tape. Both of the secretaries are almost sure they won't escape this without help and try to make as much sound as possible...

Tags: Clear Tape Gag microfoam tape OTN Gag tape bondage
Chloe & Rebecca - Secretaries in Tape Bondage FULL Bondage Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Featuring Chloe & Rebecca Story Chloe and Rebecca are secretaries tied up and gagged by a bad guy who robs their office. In blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels, Chloe is taking a break, when she is surprised, overpowered and taped up, wrapped around her body and arms, with several further strips binding her legs. Despite her protests, her mouth is stuffed and silver tape wrapped tightly around...

Tags: Gag talk secretary Silver PVC Tape Gag tape bondage
Chloe & Rebecca - College Girl Rivals FULL Bondage Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Featuring Chloe & Rebecca Story Chloe and Rebecca are sexy schoolgirls forever arguing about their grades and how much attention the teachers give them. Rebecca has had enough and overpowers Chloe during a scuffle. She tickles her, hikes up her skirt, then ties her up: arms above her head, legs tied. Chloe is cleave-gagged, then has her shirt opened to reveal her breasts for added humiliation. Rebecca...

Tags: Cleave gag PVC Tape Gag Ring Gag Rope Bondage
Chloe & Rebecca - Catburglars Put in Their Place FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Gag 1 When Chloe’s captor comes back she is very sure that he won’t let her go she tries to scream but before she knows it her mouth is stuffed with a big orange pack of socks. There is a thin cleave gag applied in between her lips making it impossible for her to spit the very big pack of stuffing out. Chloe is left alone to struggle while he continues his search for valuables. She is gag talking...

Chloe & Rebecca - Catburglars Put in Their Place FULL Bondage Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Story Chloe & Rebecca are entering a house of which the door was opened. The search around a pretty empty house with only a big brown sofa in it. With not any valuables present in the pretty abandoned building Chloe & Rebecca are a bit disappointed and decide to take a little nap on the comfy sofa.  When they wake up they are tied with tape applied tightly around their bodies sticking to the tight...