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Aubrey - Star Trek Officer Interrogated
Aubrey in 'Captive of the Romulans' Star Trek Officer Aubrey is bound, gagged and interrogated in the famed GagAttack style, but for what purpose? Captured by the Romulans, Aubrey awakes to find herself bound on a chair, and faces a multiple-gag ordeal. GAG 1: Refusing to give up any information, Aubrey has her mouth stuffed and sealed with clear tape. As she struggles and moans ineffectually, we...

Aubrey & Rara - Catburglar & Secretary Captured FULL 2 Gag Video MP4 HD
Aubrey , Rara
Featuring Aubrey & Rara  Cleave gag , Mouth Stuffing , Silver PVC Tape , Vet Wrap Gag , Wrap Gag Intro Aubrey is captured by sexy secretary Rara Story  Beautiful catburglar Aubrey is caught while snooping around by sexy secretary Rara. She is put in a chair and cleave gagged to keep her quiet while Rara calls the cops on her. Aubrey tries to struggle her way out of the tight ties while gag...

Tags: Bundling Tape catsuit Chairtie Cleave gag
Aubrey - Captured Damsel MP4 HD
Featuring Aubrey Mouth stuffing , Rope Bondage , Microfoam Tape gag , Tegaderm Tape Gag , Silver PVC Tape Gag , Hogtie  Intro Aubrey is captured and has to go through a few bondage position and gags Story Aubrey starts with her wrists tied above her head with one piece of microfoam tape over her beautiful lips. She struggles to get the ropes loosened up to get out of this bondage position....

Tags: Clear Tape Gag Duct Tape Gag Gag talk Hogtie
Aubrey - Secretary Cloth Gagged FULL 3 Gag Video MP4 HD
Featuring Aubrey Knotted Cleave gag , OTM Gag , OTN Gag , Gag Talk Intro Aubrey is captured and is gagged with multiple scarves Gag 1 Aubrey is getting her first gag while fully chairtied with no chance escaping this. She gets a knotted cleave gag applied and is left to gag talk. Aubrey tried to protest against it but it's of no use. All that is coming out of her mouth is loud MMMPHING and...

Tags: Cloth Cleave Gag Cloth Gag Mouth Stuffed Mouth stuffing
Aubrey - Tegaderm Tape Gagged FULL 2 Gag Video MP4 HD
Featuring Aubrey Mouth Stuffed , Tegaderm Tape Gag , Gag Talk Gag 1 Aubrey is captured and about to undergo a series of gags. Her mouth gets stuffed with one white ankle sock and there is a piece of Tegaderm tape applied on top of it. Aubrey tries to protest against it but there is only MMMMMPPHING coming out of her mouth. She tries to scream and get out of the zipties that hold her hands together...

Tags: Mouth Stuffed Tegaderm Tape Gag
Aubrey & Rara - Nurse on the run captured by Cop MP4 HD
Aubrey , Rara
Featuring Aubrey & Rara Mouth stuffing , Silver PVC Cleave Gag , Black PVC Cleave Gag , Chairtie , Bed Tied , F/F Bondage , Cloth Cleave Gag *Two great models, a turnabout plot and some trademark GagAttack touches* *make this custom commission a winner!* Story RaRa plays a busty nurse (in a non-standard uniform, to be truthful), hiding out in a deserted house for unexplained reasons. She soon...

Tags: Bed Tied Black PVC Cleave Gag Chairtie F/F Bondage
Aubrey - Catsuit Tape Bondage FULL 3 Gag Video MP4 HD
Featuring Aubrey Wrap gag , Gag talk , Microfoam Tape Gag , Cleave Gag , OTN Gag Intro Aubrey gets home from robbing people as catburglar just when she thinks she can rest something strange happens.. Gag 1 Now that her captor has had his fun and turned the feisty catburglar in a helpless kitty he decides to put her through some more gags while he has her captured. He stuffs her mouth with...

Tags: Cleave gag Gag talk Microfoam Tape gag Wrap gag
Aubrey - Office Girl Captured in Tape Bondage MP4 HD
Featuring Aubrey Mouth stuffing , Tape Bondage , Black PVC Tape Intro Aubrey comes home from a hard day of work when she suddenly gets grabbed from an intruder. Story Aubrey is set on a chair by the burglar that wants to rob her house. He starts by taping her heavily to the chair. When Aubrey is fully tied with black pvc tape he stuffs a pack of socks in her mouth and tightly wraps around...

Tags: Mouth stuffing tape bondage