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Models / Aubrey

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Aubrey - Cocooned
Check out this cocoon bundle of Aubrey!

Aubrey - Tape Frogtied & Heavily Gagged
Aubrey is a cat burglar who enters the wrong house. She is looking in all the drawers, not knowing the owner is home as well. She gets grabbed from behind, startled by the suddenness of it, and finds herself face to face with the owner. The screen turns dark. The next thing she knows, she is tied heavily with tape and tries to break free from her bonds. She struggles against the tight confines of...

Tags: Ballgag Duct Tape Gag frogtie tape bondage
Aubrey - Fake Robbery FULL Video HD
Featuring Aubrey Microfoam tape gag , Ballgag , Duct Tape Gag, Necktie gag, Gag Talk , Self gag , rope bondage,  Tegaderm Gag, Blindfold Story Aubrey still owes her roommate money that she borrowed so she sets up a fake robbery to fool her roommate.  She tries a few gags out before her friend arrives that will help her out. She tries out a ballgag, Necktie, Duct tape, Microfoam tape and tries...

Tags: Ballgag Duct Tape Gag Gag talk Microfoam Tape gag
Aubrey - Roped & Taped FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Gag 1 After a while, she receives a second gag, with more stuffing and clear tape. Aubrey really doesn't like this, vigorously 'mmpphh'-ing and flashing her eyes, and complains about how horrible it was when it is removed.  Gag 2  Unfortunately, she now has a pink bandana stuffed in her mouth and held in by wraps of 2" Microfoam tape, silencing her pleas still further. You can see the stuffing...

Tags: 2" microfoam tape Clear PVC Tape Wrap Cloth OTM Gag OTM Gag
Aubrey - Roped & Taped FULL Bondage Video HD
Story Secretary Aubrey finds herself bound with many coils of rope, many wraps of tape, then heavily gagged. Aubrey, in smart blouse, skirt, nylons and heels, settles on the sofa, but is immediately grabbed from behind. She soon finds herself bound with lots of rope and endless tape wraps, and also secured to a chair. Her captor is quick to gag her, stuffing her mouth, then wrapping silver tape...

Tags: Rope Bondage Silver PVC Tape Gag tape bondage tape gagged
Aubrey - Superheroine Lured HD
Featuring Aubrey Story Heroine Aubrey surrenders to the bad guy to save her captured friends, but what will happen to her...? Catsuited superheroine Aubrey is confronted by the villain, who claims to have captured her friends. In order to save them, she puts up her hands and surrenders to him, allowing herself to be tied up. Her hands are taped in front of her, then she is comprehensively taped...

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged Wrap Gag
Aubrey - Frogtied and Gagged
In this custom clip, naive blonde beauty Aubrey has some bondage fun... Gorgeous barefooted Aubrey, wearing revealing lingerie, sexy glasses and a cute choker, finds some bondage supplies on the bed and asks what they are for. She soon finds out! Rope binds much of her body, including a chest harness and crotch-rope, and she is sat in a frog-tie. Her hands are taped up and then a ball-gag is placed...

Aubrey - Heavily Tied FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Featuring Aubrey Gag 1 Eventually her captor returns, but only to change Aubrey's gag. This time he applies a Microfoam tape cleave-gag, backed by stuffing, Making it very hard to produce any sounds for besides MMMMMMPPPPHING through the tight gag. Gag 2  Shortly afterwards there is a second layer added to the already tight microfoam cleave gag. Pink sticky bandage is winded around and around...

Tags: Cloth OTM Gag Hogtie microfoam tape Rope Bondage


do aubrey with a ballgag and handcuffes