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Models / Beth

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Beth Updates

Beth - Reporter Captured
Beth is just phoning with a contact when she is suddenly grabbed from behind and handgagged. She is fully tied with duct tape and duct tape wrap gagged. Beth does her best to struggle her way out of the bondage MMMMPPPPPHHHHING the whole time while doing so. She can feel her heart pounding in her chest as she tries to think of a way to escape. Beth's mind races as she wonders who could have done...

Beth - Massive Gag Show
Beth explains that she is going to be heavily gagged as a little gag show. There is a neon green sponge stuffed inside of her mouth and there is clear PVC tape wrapped around her head as a tight wrap gag forcing her mouth open she tries to speak through the gag resulting in a lot of MMMMPPPPHHHING. Beth gets 2 pieces of Tegaderm on top of the clear wrap gag to make it even more secured. She...

Beth - The Bounty Hunter
Beth is trying to do some self bondage unsuccesfull when you drop in and she asks you to help her with it.. She explains that she wants to explore her kinky side and has researched safe ways to do so. She trusts you and hopes that you can help her achieve the experience she desires. She wants to play a game called the bounty hunter. Beth is now tied with a ballgag dangling around her neck which...

Beth - Catburglar Caught Snooping
Beth is snooping around in a what seems to be abondened house when she is suddenly caught by the home owner. He tells her that he don't call the cops if she agrees on doing a bondage session with him. He ties her on a char and tightly wraps around black PVC Tape. Beth feels helpless and scared as she realizes the gravity of the situation, but she also knows that she needs to stay calm and find a way...

Tags: Ballgag tape gagged
Beth - Spy Captured
Beth is a spy that is calling in with HQ to report in with her weekly debriefing when there is suddenly somebody knocking the door and entering. But now that she has seen his face he needs to capture her and make sure she won't be alarming anyone. Beth quickly ends the call and tries to make a run for it, but the intruder is too fast and tackles her to the bed. As she struggles to break free, she realizes...

Tags: Hogtied tape bondage tape gagged
Beth - Fake Robbery
Beth is a blonde who is staging a fake robbery. Beth plans to use the fake robbery as an excuse for missing work, but little does she know that her plan will not go as smoothly as expected. She is wearing a very revealing set of lingerie and has a lot of ropes and gag materials lying around. Beth's plan seems very risky and naive, as it is unlikely that her boss or colleagues will believe that...

Tags: Cleave gag Cloth OTM Gag Duct Tape Gag OTN Gag
Beth - Teacher Loves Bondage
Teacher Beth wants to empathise with her students by learning what it's like to be controlled... Beth asks to be tied up, to experience the idea of someone else being in control. In heels, skirt and braless under her top, Beth's charms are clear, as she rolls around on a sofa, taped up and wrap-gagged. With no progress made on getting out of her bondage, Beth accepts a red ball-gag, which only...

Tags: Ball Gag Duct Tape Wrap Gag Gag talk tape bondage
Beth - Topless Bondage Games Gag Video HD
After a while, she is untied and ungagged, admitting she couldn't get free. A further tie follows: Beth's hands are tied behind her back as part of a hog-tie, and she is again gagged, with clear tegaderm tape with little stuffing. She redoubles her struggling, and we get great views of her body, including some nice boob-shaking. While she struggles she tries to work the gag off but it's not working...

Tags: OTN Gag tape bondage tape gagged Tegaderm Tape Gag