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Models / Lil Missy UK

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Lil Missy UK - Microfoam Tape Gagged HD
Lil Missy UK
Missy is captured office worker about to be gagged. Her mouth gets stuffed with a white sock and tighlty wrap cleave gagged with 2" Microfoam tape. Her captor checks the gag and leaves her alone. Missy gives a lot of helpless looks while gag talking a lot through the tighlt wrapped cleave gag. You get a close up view of her gagged mouth while she struggles to get out of her bondage. The image is zoomed...

Tags: Microfoam Cleave Gag Microfoam Wrap Gag OTN Gag
Chloe & Lil MIssy UK - GND's in Tape Bondage HD
Chloe Toy , Lil Missy UK
Featuring Chloe & Lil Missy UK Tape Bondage , Duct Tape Gag Story The two cuties are held up, put their hands up and are taped up...   Missy and Chloe are relaxed and chatting on the bed, when an intruder holds them up. They are both swiftly placed in tape bondage, all down their bodies. Chloe is in T-shirt, skin tight jeans and white socks, Missy in a vest-top, jeans and white socks, and they...

Tags: Duct Tape Gag tape bondage
Lil Missy UK - Secretary Ambushed At Home HD
Lil Missy UK
Featuring Lil Missy UK Rope bondage, Cleave Gag, Cuffs, Tape Bondage, Duct Tape Gag, Spread Eagle Tie, Bit Gag Story Lil Missy comes home from work, is captured by an intruder, and is punished for her escape attempts. Having a drink after a hard day at work, secretary Missy soon falls asleep, and wakes to find herself bound by an intruder. In her work shirt, skirt, stockings and heels, she is...

Tags: Cleave gag Cuffs Duct Tape Gag Rope Bondage
Lil Missy UK - Scientist Boyfriend HD
Lil Missy UK
Missy's new boyfriend is a scientist working on quarantine measures. She agrees to help him with testing... Missy wants to impress her new scientist boyfriend, so excitedly agrees to test a new method of preventing infection. This turns out to involve tying up and gagging the test subject! Wearing a white shirt, black skirt, nylons and suspenders, with no shoes, Missy has been bound and placed...

Tags: Chairtie Cleave gag Rope Bondage
Lil Missy UK - Home Burgled HD
Lil Missy UK
Featuring Rope bondage, Stripping, Cloth Cleave Gag, Duct tape wrap around gag Missy is entering her room and finds out that someone has been going through her stuff. She sits down when someone suddenly enters her room and she has to put her hands up. Her hands are tied above her head and her ankles are tied together. She struggles an pleads for help with no gag. After a while she is cleave gagged...

Tags: Cloth Cleave Gag Gag talk Rope Bondage Silver PVC Tape Gag
Lil Missy UK - Catsuit Burglar Captured After Nap FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Lil Missy UK
Gag 1 After a while, Missy's captor returns and places a ball-gag between her lips, the colour matching the varnish on her bare toes, which she wiggles in frustration, still unable to get free. Trying to speak through the medium sized ballgag. Layer 1 More attractive writhing about on the bed follows, as another gag is applied, this time an orange sponge ball held in with red narrow PVC tape. We...

Tags: Ballgag microfoam tape Narrow PVC Tape Gag
Lil Missy UK - Catsuit Burglar Captured After Nap FULL Bondage Video HD
Lil Missy UK
Featuring Lil Missy UK Story Missy breaks into a house, but is discovered and bound by the owner. Lovely catsuited Missy rests in the course of a burglary, but is taped up while asleep, and awakes to struggle indignantly, before being gagged by the occupant. Mouth stuffed and with tape wound repeatedly around her face, her protests are muffled, as she squirms around ineffectually on the bed. ...

Tags: catsuit Gag talk tape bondage tape gagged
Lil Missy UK - Tape Bondage While Wearing Catsuit FULL Bondage Video HD
Lil Missy UK
Featuring Lil Missy UK Story A catsuited Lil Missy clearly enjoys her time in tape bondage and silencing gags! Barefoot Missy, wearing a tight shiny catsuit and a smile, doesn't have long to wait before she's comprehensively taped up. Her legs are secured in four places, her arms bound behind her back, then secured with more tape around her body. The front of her catsuit is unzipped to show some...

Tags: catsuit tape bondage tape gagged