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Models / Charlie Monaco

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Charlie Monaco Updates

Charlie and Rara - Dominatrix Sexual Play Session
Charlie Monaco , Rara
Story Rara is at her dominatrix Charlie and she is ready for a play session. Rara has to stuff her mouth with a pair of panties and Charlie wraps duct tape around her head to keep it in. She continues by tying Rara fully before starting to sexually dominate her. When Charlie thinks it's time to gag herself as well she stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth as well and wrap gags herself with duct tape...

Charlie Monaco - The Designer and The Corporate Spy
Charlie Monaco
Story Charley is working a new designs for her company making overtime. She is suddenly Grabbed by a masked man. Next thing she knows she is fully tied up and chartied. She gets interrogated about the Computer password but she isn't giving this guy anything. Her mouth gets stuffed and she is left to overthink her decision while he tries a lot of passwords. While struggling her one heel falls down....

Charlie and Rara - Dominatrix Play Session
Charlie Monaco , Rara
Story Rara is a dominatrix that has a special idea for her good slave Charlie. She starts off by gagging herself and when she is done she ties Charlie's wrists and ankles and heavily gags her with Microfoam Tape with huge stuffing inside of her mouth. She continues tying Charlie before the fun can start. Rara meticulously secures Charlie's limbs, ensuring they are tightly bound. With a mischievous...

Charlie Monaco and Rara - Battling Babysitters
Charlie Monaco , Rara
Story Charlie and RaRa are talking about babysitter jobs. Charlie tells RaRa she has the babysitting job a bit down the road. RaRa not too happy that Charlie took her job starts tying up Charlie and wrap gags her with duct tape. In a surprising turn of events, RaRa's frustration gets the better of her, leading her to take drastic actions.   She leaves Charlie to struggle in her bondage Mmmmmppphing...

Charlie - Handgrabbed and Chairtied
Charlie Monaco , Rara
Story Charlie is phoning when she is suddenly overpowered and hand gagged. She gets set down on the chair and handgagged multiple times before the masked man his co conspiritor comes onto the scene. She hand gags Charlie multiple times while Charlie is heavily Chairtied. Charlie's heart races as she struggles against her restraints, her muffled pleas for help are not heard. With each handgag, fear...

Charlie Monaco Calls for escape Challenge, Heavily Tied and Massively Gagged
Charlie Monaco
Story Charlie is just chilling on her carpet and thinking about something to do. She decides to call Jeff to have an amazing bondage session. He picks up in an instant and he tells her that he will come over. He arrives after a short time as if he already was thinking about doing this. He starts by tying Charlie tightly with meters Jute ropes. The more he ties Charlie the more she seems to enjoy...

Charlie - The Investigating Agent and The Tie Up Smoke
Charlie Monaco
Charlie is investigating the evil lair of a villain when she suddenly finds a note. She reads it but the room is suddenly filled with smoke.  In a second she is zip tied with no clue how it happened Charlie starts struggling in her bondage. She desperately searches for any means of escape, her heart pounding with adrenaline. As the smoke begins to dissipate. The villain enters the scene to tell...

Charlie - The Greedy Babysitter Alt
Charlie Monaco
Charlie just finished her babysitting job when the owner of the house drops in. She wants a raise since her job was tough. He has an idea to get her some extra cash for some extra effort. She is tied up with duct tape and is wrap gagged. She struggles and gag talks trough her gag to get out of it. Despite her efforts, Charlie is unable to free herself from the duct tape. After a while Charlie's...