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Models / Rara

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Rara - Business Woman Captured HD
Featuring Rara Rope bondage, Tegaderm, Pantyhose encasement Story RaRa is fully tied on the sofa wearing a sexy business outfit. Her mouth is stuffed with a big pantyhose and there is a big piece of Tegaderm tape put over it. She tries to struggle out of her tight bondage while mmmmmpppphing the whole time. RaRa is totally helpless and unable to do anything about her helpless situation besides trying...

Tags: pantyhose encased Rope Bondage tape gagged
Rara - Secretary Captured FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Rara is a captured secretary she is tied with her wrists behind her back, ankles tied together and chest tied. When her captor comes in he starts putting a sock inside of her mouth and starts wrapping PVC tape as a wide tight cleave PVC wrap gag. He leaves the helpless Rara alone to struggle and MMMMPPPHHH through her gag. Rara acts as a real DID while gag giving you the right face expressions with...

Tags: Rope Bondage tape gagged Wrap Gag
Rara - Cloth Self Gag HD
Featuring Rara  Mouth Stuffing, Cloth Gags, Gag Talk Gag 1 Rara is about to gag herself with a knotted scarf gag. She stuffs in a big panty and tied the gag at the back of her head. She pretends to be captured before seducing you with her gag talking. Gag 2 Rara puts in 2 panties as stuffing before applying a cleave gag. She tries to speak as much as she can but all that is coming out of her...

Tags: Cloth Gags Gag talk Mouth stuffing
Rara - Sexy Police Officer Self Gag FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Featuring Rara  Mouth Stuffing, Tegaderm Tape Gag , Black PVC Tape Gag , Microfoam Wrap Gag Gag 1 Sexy officer Rara wants to try something naughty while she is home alone. She starts off by putting a huge white sock inside of her mouth and applies a big piece of very sticky Tegaderm over it. With the stuffing now very secured inside of her mouth Rara starts with pretending to be captured by you....

Tags: Black PVC Tape Gag Microfoam Wrap Gag Mouth stuffing Tegaderm Tape Gag
Rara - Catburglar Self Bondage HD
Featuring Rara Mouth Stuffing , White Tape Gag , Cleave Gag , Ballgag , Gag Talk Scene 1  Rara gets caught while breaking in and has to give herself in to the house owner. The house owner commands her to stuff her mouth with a white hankie and cuff her wrists behind her back. The catburglar is left to struggle in her damsel situation and gag talks a lot. The white tape holds her mouth stuffing...

Tags: Ballgag Cleave gag Gag talk Mouth stuffing
Rara - Sexy Maid Self Gag HD
Featuring Rara  Mouth Stuffing , Cloth Cleave Gag , Duct Tape Gag , Vet Wrap Gag , Tegaderm Tape Gag , Narrow PVC Tape Gag , Gag Talk Gag 1  Rara is a sexy maid that is bored all the time. She loves to gag herself and show it to you. She starts off by putting a huge pantyhose in her mouth and tightly knots a silk scarf in her mouth as a cleave gag. She tries to speak as much as she can first as...

Tags: Bandage Wrap Gag Cloth Cleave Gag Cloth Gag Duct Tape Gag
Aubrey & Rara - Catburglar & Secretary Captured FULL 2 Gag Video MP4 HD
Aubrey , Rara
Featuring Aubrey & Rara  Cleave gag , Mouth Stuffing , Silver PVC Tape , Vet Wrap Gag , Wrap Gag Intro Aubrey is captured by sexy secretary Rara Story  Beautiful catburglar Aubrey is caught while snooping around by sexy secretary Rara. She is put in a chair and cleave gagged to keep her quiet while Rara calls the cops on her. Aubrey tries to struggle her way out of the tight ties while gag...

Tags: Bundling Tape catsuit Chairtie Cleave gag
Rara - Multiple Gags 3 FULL 3 Gag Video MP4 HD
Featuring Rara Mouth stuffing , White PVC Tape , Cleave gag , OTM Gag Gag 1 Rara is going to do a very sexy self gag. She starts off by putting a very big pantyhose inside of her mouth and wraps around narrow white PVC tape to keep it in her mouth. Rara gag talks like a DID pretending to be captured by you. After a while she switches to sexy teasing gag talk exactly the way you like it. She plays...

Tags: Cleave gag Mouth stuffing OTM Gag White PVC Tape