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Models / Chloe Toy

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Chloe - Babysitter in Bondage Trouble Gags HD
Chloe Toy
Another wrap-gag with Microfoam tape follows, as Chloe continues to 'mmpphh' at the indignity of it all. She tries to get out of the bondage but the tape is too strong and wrapped too tightly. Panty stuffing held in with Tegaderm tape forms Chloe's next gag. She continues to gag-talk and shake her head, for all the good it does... A blue cloth OTN gag covering her face further muffles her cries,...

Tags: Microfoam Wrap Gag OTN Gag tape bondage tape gagged
Chloe - Babysitter in Bondage Trouble Bondage Video HD
Chloe Toy
As usual, babysitter Chloe is unable to prevent her charge tying her up! Sat on the sofa in a thin top with scoop neck, denim shorts and cute socks, Chloe lays down the law... unsuccessfully. She is securely taped up in duct tape and, when she protests, has her mouth wrap-gagged with duct tape tape. She MMMMPPPHHS angry through the gag while trying to get free.

Tags: Duct Tape Gag tape bondage tape gagged
Chloe Toy - PVC Tape Gagged HD
Chloe Toy
Featuring Chloe Story Chloe starts off with an already applied tight stuffed black PVC tape wrap. She tries to speak through the gag but is unable to do so. Chloe struggles on the chair trying to loosen her wrists but all her attempts are futile. you get a closer look on the tightly applied cleave wrap gag before it is removed by Chloe's captor. Her mouth is stuffed with a huge pack of socks her...

Tags: Black PVC Cleave Gag Clear PVC Tape Wrap Duct Tape Wrap Gag
Chloe - Sexy Secretary Willingly Tied & Gagged HD
Chloe Toy
Featuring Chloe  Rope Bondage , Cleave Gagged , Hogtied , OTM Gag Story Chloe loves to be bound and gagged, and here's the proof... Chloe, in a shirt/skirt/nylons ensemble, makes it clear she's excited to be bound and gagged, and to prove it, stuffs her own mouth with a cloth and ties a tight cleave-gag between her teeth. Accompanied by sensuous gag-talk she caresses her gagged mouth, body...

Tags: Cleave Gagged Hogtied OTM Gag Rope Bondage
Chloe & Lil MIssy UK - GND's in Tape Bondage HD
Chloe Toy , Lil Missy UK
Featuring Chloe & Lil Missy UK Tape Bondage , Duct Tape Gag Story The two cuties are held up, put their hands up and are taped up...   Missy and Chloe are relaxed and chatting on the bed, when an intruder holds them up. They are both swiftly placed in tape bondage, all down their bodies. Chloe is in T-shirt, skin tight jeans and white socks, Missy in a vest-top, jeans and white socks, and they...

Tags: Duct Tape Gag tape bondage
Chloe Toy - Star Trek Cosplayer Captured HD
Chloe Toy
Featuring Chloe Toy OTM Gag , Rope Bondage , Ballgag , Blindfold , Duct Tape Wrap Gag Story Chloe is a Star Trek officer experiencing bondage and gagging, and finding she likes it! Officer Toy has beamed down to an Earth bedroom, and finds herself tied up on a chair. She protests, but is silenced by a red-spotted OTM gag, with plenty of stuffing. She is securely bound, with a chest harness framing...

Tags: Ballgag Blindfold Duct Tape Gag OTM Gag
Chloe - Catsuit Burglar Mysterious Bondage Gags HD
Chloe Toy
Gag 1 An unseen hand then replaces her gag: a large green ball is held in place by a clear tape-gag. Chloe's struggles become more urgent, but no more successful. As she moves about the bed, her delightful bottom is showcased, and she flashes her lovely eyes at the camera (and us). Layer 1 Next, a tight Microfoam wrap around tape-gag is applied, wrapped right around, to further silence the lovely...

Tags: Cloth OTM Gag stocking feet tape bondage tape gagged
Chloe - Catsuit Burglar Mysterious Bondage HD
Chloe Toy
Story Beautiful burglar Chloe takes a rest, but ends up restrained! Catsuited, pony-tailed and stocking-footed burglar Chloe decides on a short snooze after a hard day's 'work', but while she sleeps, the ravishing robber is taped up, arms behind, tape above and below her breasts, legs secured with many wraps around her thighs, calves and ankles. She doesn't seem too perturbed, and remarks that...

Tags: catsuit tape bondage tape gagged