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Models / Chloe Toy

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Chloe Toy - Star Trek Cosplayer Captured HD
Chloe Toy
Featuring Chloe Toy OTM Gag , Rope Bondage , Ballgag , Blindfold , Duct Tape Wrap Gag Story Chloe is a Star Trek officer experiencing bondage and gagging, and finding she likes it! Officer Toy has beamed down to an Earth bedroom, and finds herself tied up on a chair. She protests, but is silenced by a red-spotted OTM gag, with plenty of stuffing. She is securely bound, with a chest harness framing...

Tags: Ballgag Blindfold Duct Tape Gag OTM Gag
Chloe - Catsuit Burglar Mysterious Bondage Gags HD
Chloe Toy
Gag 1 An unseen hand then replaces her gag: a large green ball is held in place by a clear tape-gag. Chloe's struggles become more urgent, but no more successful. As she moves about the bed, her delightful bottom is showcased, and she flashes her lovely eyes at the camera (and us). Layer 1 Next, a tight Microfoam wrap around tape-gag is applied, wrapped right around, to further silence the lovely...

Tags: Cloth OTM Gag tape bondage tape gagged Tegaderm Tape
Chloe - Catsuit Burglar Mysterious Bondage HD
Chloe Toy
Story Beautiful burglar Chloe takes a rest, but ends up restrained! Catsuited, pony-tailed and stocking-footed burglar Chloe decides on a short snooze after a hard day's 'work', but while she sleeps, the ravishing robber is taped up, arms behind, tape above and below her breasts, legs secured with many wraps around her thighs, calves and ankles. She doesn't seem too perturbed, and remarks that...

Tags: catsuit tape bondage tape gagged
Chloe & Rebecca - Secretaries in Tape Bondage FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Gag 1 Later the robber changes their gags to Tegaderm tape over a big mouth filling stuffing, to quieten them further. They MMMMPPPPPHHH and try to escape their bondage but there is no chance escaping. Layer 1 These are subsequently replaced by wide cleave-gags of Microfoam tape. Both of the secretaries are almost sure they won't escape this without help and try to make as much sound as possible...

Tags: Clear Tape Gag microfoam tape OTN Gag tape bondage
Chloe & Rebecca - Secretaries in Tape Bondage FULL Bondage Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Featuring Chloe & Rebecca Story Chloe and Rebecca are secretaries tied up and gagged by a bad guy who robs their office. In blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels, Chloe is taking a break, when she is surprised, overpowered and taped up, wrapped around her body and arms, with several further strips binding her legs. Despite her protests, her mouth is stuffed and silver tape wrapped tightly around...

Tags: Gag talk secretary Silver PVC Tape Gag tape bondage
Chloe - Babysitter FULL Bondage Video HD
Chloe Toy
Chloe is a kind but naive babysitter, who agrees to a game of 'Cops and Robbers', and comes to regret it, as the 'cop' turns out to be an expert in bondage. Seeking to entertain her charge, barefooted Chloe, in a tight top with a scarf and a short skirt, showing plenty of skin, is persuaded to tie her own ankles, knees and thighs, and then stuff her mouth and apply several strips of tape as a gag....

Tags: Blindfold Cloth OTM Gag Gag talk Hogtie
Chloe & Rebecca - College Girl Rivals FULL Bondage Video HD
Chloe Toy , Rebecca Leah
Featuring Chloe & Rebecca Story Chloe and Rebecca are sexy schoolgirls forever arguing about their grades and how much attention the teachers give them. Rebecca has had enough and overpowers Chloe during a scuffle. She tickles her, hikes up her skirt, then ties her up: arms above her head, legs tied. Chloe is cleave-gagged, then has her shirt opened to reveal her breasts for added humiliation. Rebecca...

Tags: Cleave gag PVC Tape Gag Ring Gag Rope Bondage
Chloe Toy - Pantyhose encased tape bondage FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Chloe Toy
Gag 1 Chloe’s gag is removed and there is a big pack of blue socks stuffed inside her mouth. Chloe tries to protest but the only thing she can do is MMMPPHH with the big pack of socks stuffed inside of her mouth. There is narrow blue tape wrapped around her head as a cleave gag to keep the big pack of stuffing inside of her mouth. Chloe struggles and MMMPPPHS as much as she can hoping someone will...

Tags: Ball Gag