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Models / Terri

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Terri Lou - Teacher Longs for Bondage H264 MP4 HD
She is looking forward to a bondage session, but Terri Lou finds it tough. Terri Lou welcomes being bound and gagged: wearing a thin top displaying her ample cleavage, along with a short skirt, stockings and heels, she soon finds herself taped up on the sofa, with a stuffed wide Microfoam tape cleave-gag. Our attention is as ever drawn to that spectacular cleavage and her lovely eyes. Terri Lou's...

Tags: Microfoam Cleave Gag OTN Gag tape bondage tape gagged
Terri Lou - Microfoam Tape Gagged HD
Featuring Terri Lou Story Terri is captured and about to be gagged wearing a revealing bikini. Her mouth is stuffed and there is a tight microfoam cleave gag wrapped around her head. She mmmppphhhss to protest about being gagged but it has no effect her captor just continues. Terri does her best to break out of her bondage while making a lot of sounds through her gag and giving you DID looks. Her...

Tags: Cloth OTM Gag Microfoam Cleave Gag Microfoam Wrap Gag
Terri Lou - Nun Ambushed HD
Featuring Terri Lou Nun Outfit, Rope Bondage, Stuffing, OTM Gag, Self Groping, Blindfold Story Terri is returning to her room wearing her nun dress and headpiece when her rest on bed is suddenly  disrupted. Before she knows her wrists and ankles are tightly tied and there is a hankie stuffed inside of her mouth. Terri Tries to struggle out of her bondage but all her attempts are futile she doesn't...

Tags: Blindfold Nun Outfit OTM Gag Rope Bondage
Terri Lou - Lingerie Shoot Goes Wrong HD
Featuring Terri Lou Narrow PVC Tape Gag, Tegaderm Tape, Bandage Wrap Story Terri Lou's lingerie shoot has an unexpected additional ingredient - bondage! In lacy red lingerie that shows Terri off, she is tied up in a chair. She soon has her mouth stuffed, and gagged with a narrow tape cleave in matching red. There is much noisy complaining through the gag, and Terri shakes her body from side...

Tags: Bandage Wrap Narrow PVC Tape Gag Tegaderm Tape
Terri Lou - Nurse Willingly Trying Out Gags FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Featuring Terri Lou Stocking Gag, Duct Tape Wrap Gag, Tegaderm Gag Story Terri Lou is tied and gagged, seemingly willingly, in her revealing uniform. Nurse Terri Lou wears a sexy nurse's uniform, showing off her magnificent cleavage. She is bound to a chair with her arms pulled behind her, for a series of gaggings. The first gag comprises a stocking tied tightly around her mouth. It has a...

Tags: Duct Tape Wrap Gag Stocking Gag Tegaderm Gag
Terri Lou - Various Gags in Lingerie FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Featuring Terri Narrow black pvc tape, Duct tape gag, Bandage Wrap, Bandana gag Story Terri is bound on the chair wearing a green set of lingerie. Her mouth gets stuffed with a big blue sponge and there is narrow black pvc tape wrapped tightly around her head. Terri tries to protest but it’s too late there is only mmmppphing coming out of her mouth.  When her captor comes back he slowly removes...

Tags: Bandage Wrap Gag Bandana Gag Duct Tape Gag Narrow PVC Tape Gag
Terri Lou - Secretary Ambushed
Featuring Terri Lou HOM gag, Chairtie, Cleave gag, Upskirt shot, Hogtie, ballgag, spread eagle tie, Wrap around tape gag Story Terri is coming home after a long day of work not knowing that someone is hiding behind her bed she is just sitting down and chills out when she is suddenly grabbed from behind and the intruder places his hand over her mouth making it unable for her to scream. Terri is chair...

Tags: Ballgag Chairtie Cleave gag Hogtie
Terri Lou - PVC Tape Gagged FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Featuring Black Tape Cleave Gag, Duct Tape Wrap Gag, Clear Tape Wrap gag, Sock Stuffing Terri is tied with her arms behind her back and her ankles together while wearing lingerie. Her first gag is a sock stuffed black tape cleave gag. Terri tries to work the gag off giving you helpless DID looks while she MMMMMPPPPHHHSSS through her gag. The second gag is a double sock stuffed wrap around...

Tags: Black PVC Cleave Gag Clear PVC Tape Wrap Mouth stuffing Silver PVC Tape Gag