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Models / Terri

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Terri Lou - Secretary in Tape Bondage FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Gag 1 After a while, the bad guy replaces Terri Lou's gag with a cloth, pulling it between her lips to keep the stuffing in place. She struggles again, but cannot get free. Her skirt rides up, so we see more of her stockings and panties.  Layer 1 A white tape cleave-gag, again with stuffing behind, replaces the cloth making it impossible for Terri to spit out the mouth filling stuffing and...

Terri Lou - Secretary in Tape Bondage FULL Bondage Video
Featuring Terri Lou Story Secretary Terri Lou is taking a break. She is wearing a cleavage-friendly blouse and a short skirt, and has removed her shoes to show off her stockinged feet. She is disturbed and grabbed by an intruder. Suddenly she is grabbed and swiftly finds herself taped up securely, hands behind her back, tape above and below her big breasts, thighs, calves and ankles together. Her...

Tags: secretary Silver PVC Tape Gag tape bondage tape gagged
Terri Lou - Catburglar Captured FULL 3 Gag Video HD
Gag 1 Terri’s tight wrap gag is removed and she is already taught a lesson by the home owner for breaking in to a strangers house. He comes back and decides to gag her again. He stuffs her mouth with a little sock so that she can close her lips together. Terri gets a small piece of Tegaderm tape applied over it welding her lips together. The hot busty cat burglar is helpless and unable to speak....

Tags: Gag talk Microfoam Tape gag Mouth stuffing Narrow PVC Tape Gag
Terri Lou - Catburglar Captured FULL Bondage Video HD
Story The very hot cat burglar Terri Lou is entering a house while the home owners are away looking for valuables. After searching for a bit she is noticing she is getting tired of all the breaking and entering so she decides to take a little nap. How bad could that be? When she wakes up she is heavily tape tied. Terri wonders who has tied her like this and tries to struggle out of the tape bondage....

Tags: Gag talk Mouth stuffing PVC Tape Gag tape bondage
Terri - Stuffed Ring Gag MP4 HD
Featuring Terri Lou Ring Gag , Mouth Stuffed , Gag Talk , Gagging Gag Terri is going to a very sexy gag for you. She starts by stuffing a black sock inside of her mouth and adds a big ring gag to keep it in. She gag talks a lot for you while gagging a lot by the heavy gag. Terri gives you a closer look at it while gag talking and gagging. You can see the sock heavily stuffing her mouth with no chance...

Tags: Gag talk Mouth Stuffed Ring Gag
Terri Lou - Cloth Self Gag FULL 3 Gag video MP4 HD
Featuring Terri Lou Mouth stuffing , Knotted Cleave Gag , Cleave Gag , OTM Gag , Gag Talk Gag 1 Terri is about to do a very hot self gag with various scarves. As a first gag she chooses a knotted green scarf with a pair of black socks knotted in it. She puts in the gag and starts by pretending to be captured as a Damsel in Distress. The gag talks a lot while giving you a closer look at her gag....

Terri Lou as Nurse PVC Tape Gagged While in Bondage MP4 HD
Featuring Terri Lou Mouth Stuffing , Grey PVC Tape Gag , Gag Talk Intro Nurse terri has been captured by her crazy stalker he has her tied up on the chair and is about to gag the loud sexy nurse..  Gag 1 Terri has to comply to every gag her capturer will force on her. Her mouth gets stuffed with a sock and there is matte grey PVC tape wrapped around her head as a cleave gag. Nurse Terri is...

Terri Lou - Gagged JOI FULL 2 Gag Video MP4 HD
Featuring Terri Lou Ballgag , Microfoam Wrap Gag , Gag talk  Gag 1 Terri is about to do a very hot JOI video for you. As a surprise she is going to do this one with gags on. She is going to instruct you first while gagged with a red ballgag inside of her mouth. Terri wants you to do what she instructs you to do while drooling trough the tightly secured red ballgag. She does her best seducing...

Tags: Ballgag Microfoam Wrap Gag