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Models / Lil Missy UK

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Lil Missy UK - Arched Hogtie
Lil Missy UK
Missy has come for a bondage date but isn't too sure anymore and tries to leave. She tries to go away but is stopped by the magnetic power of her date. She agrees on doing it eventually and puts her hands behind her back. Missy's heart is pounding with excitement and fear as she surrenders to the bondage date. She can feel the adrenaline rush through her veins as she eagerly awaits what her date has...

Tags: tape gagged
Terri & Missy - Fighting Over a Date
Lil Missy UK , Terri
The scene starts with Terri catching Missy in the same outfit. Missy has been liking the same guy as terri. Missy is quickly ballgagged She tries to protest against the domination by Terri but she can only make muffled gag talk sounds. She is overpowered by the stronger Terri & Terri Grabs a roll of tape and starts tying Missy heavily with the tape. Missy can only cooperate now and produce as much...

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged
Lil Missy UK - Secretary Captured
Lil Missy UK
Featuring Lil Missy UK Story Missy just arrived home after a day of hard work in the office. When she sits down on the bed, she thinks of fun things to do while she has some free time on her hands, but suddenly a man grabs her from behind before she knows she is silenced by his hand with a hand gag. Missy tries to scream but the man tightens his grip on her mouth. She struggles to break free, but...

Tags: Hogtie tape bondage tape gagged
Lil Missy UK - Spy Caught by Henchman
Lil Missy UK
Missy, a spy, is calling in to HQ about her progress with a wanted criminal she is following. Missy reported to HQ that her mission was progressing according to plan. She is suddenly grabbed from behind and tied by one of his henchmen. Missy was taken by surprise and overpowered by the criminal's henchmen. The screen dips to black. Missy is fully tied with duct tape. Her mouth is stuffed...

Tags: Clear Wrap Gag Duct Tape Wrap Gag Gag talk Microfoam Wrap Gag
Lil Missy UK - Tutor in Bondage for Better Grades
Lil Missy UK
Missy, the student's tutor, is giving him extra classes because he has a plan to improve his grades: bondage. He must follow the tutor's instructions. Although Missy's plan to use bondage to improve the student's grades may seem extreme, it may succeed if the student is able to improve their grades. She is fully tied and about to get ballgagged by her student. She gets a 2.25-inch ball in her...

Tags: Ballgag Cloth Cleave Gag Duct Tape Wrap Gag Hogtied
Lil Missy UK - Frogtied & Heavily Gagged
Lil Missy UK
Cute UK glamour model Lil Missy has wandered into a seemingly empty bedroom. She is dressed in a black tank top and sexy sheer pantyhose, leather choker and glasses. Her curious nature has brought her to the center of the room where a large bed awaits Missy’s presence. Atop the bed are a multitude of different items that spark Missy’s curiosity. “What’s all this doing here?” Missy asks herself...

Tags: 2" microfoam tape Ballgag frogtie
Lil Missy UK - Fake Photoshoot HD
Lil Missy UK
A photo shoot for Missy goes pear-shaped, and she's left bound and gagged... In revealing red lingerie and high heels, Missy poses sexily for the camera, but becomes suspicious of the photographer. When she voices concern, she is grabbed and swiftly bound. Tape binds her arms behind her, encircles her upper body, and secures her legs. It's also wrapped around her head, holding stuffing in her mouth....

Tags: Ball Gag Microfoam Cleave Gag OTN Gag tape bondage
Lil Missy UK - Mummification Fun
Lil Missy UK
Missy thoroughly enjoys a standing tape mummification and heavy gagging... Naked except for flimsy panties, Missy is subjected to a pelvic rope harness and crotch-rope, attached to rope from the ceiling. Wrapped in protective cling-film, her body is then encased from her ankles to her neck in several rolls of silver tape. She is rendered totally immobile. You get close ups of every step of the...

Tags: mummification OTN Gag tape gagged Tape Mummification