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Models / Lil Missy UK

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Lil Missy UK & Terri - Secret Date Disrupted
Lil Missy UK , Terri
Missy and Terri have a secret appointment with each other. They have told their husbands a fake reason why they are away. They suddenly hear a loud BANG. They are both tied and cleave gagged gag talking a lot through their tightly secured gags. They do their best to communicate but all that is coming out of their mouths is muffled gag talk. They exchange worried glances, realizing that their secret...

Lil Missy UK - Snooping Burglar Turned in DID *Matrix Look*
Lil Missy UK
Featuring Lil Missy UK Story Missy is snooping in someone's bedroom when she is grabbed from behind. Next things she knows she is fully tied with duct tape and there is a ballgag dangling on her neck. She is soon ballgagged and left to struggle in her very heavy tape bondage. Missy struggles hard against the heavy ties and moans through the ballgag. There are pieces of duct tape added on the...

Lil Missy UK - The Burglar & The Damsel
Lil Missy UK
Story Missy is coming home when suddenly there is someone in her room. She sits on the edge of the bed with her hands up not knowing what is going to happen next. Missy is chairtied and cleave gagged. She struggles and squirms in her tight bondage without any chance of escaping her peril. As Missy's heart races, she desperately tries to make sense of the situation, wondering who could be behind this...

Lil Missy UK & Terri Lou - Fighting Over Date by Night
Lil Missy UK , Terri
Featuring Terri & Missy  Story The scene starts with Terri catching Missy in the same outfit. Missy has been liking the same guy as terri. Missy is quickly ballgagged She tries to protest against the domination by Terri but she can only make muffled gag talk sounds. She is overpowered by the stronger Terri & Terri Grabs a roll of tape and starts tying Missy heavily with the tape. Missy can only...

Lil Missy UK - Arched Hogtie By Night
Lil Missy UK
Featuring Lil Missy UK Story Missy has come for a bondage date but isn't too sure anymore and tries to leave. She tries to go away but is stopped by the magnetic power of her date. She agrees on doing it eventually and puts her hands behind her back. Missy's heart is pounding with excitement and fear as she surrenders to the bondage date. She can feel the adrenaline rush through her veins as she...

Lil Missy UK - Secretary Grabbed, Heavily Taped & Hogtaped
Lil Missy UK
Story Cute Secretary Missy just returned home from a long work trip when there is somebody in her room. She puts her hands up and asks him who he is. Missy's captor tells her he just wants to have some "fun" with her. She is heavily tied with duct tape not able to move and gets her mouth stuffed and duct tape wrapped. Missy struggles in her tape bondage trying to escape it but it doesn't give an...

Tags: tape bondage tape gagged
Lil Missy UK - Tegaderm Tape Gagged
Lil Missy UK
Missy is tied up on a chair and about to be gagged. Her captor has decided he will put on 2 gags.  The first gag is a lightly stuffed Tegaderm Tape Gag. There is one sock stuffed inside of her mouth with a big piece of Tegaderm put on top. Missy tries to work the sticky tape with her lips but all her attempts to get it off are futile. She sure tries her best to produce as much sound as possible...

Tags: Tegaderm Tape Gag
Lil Missy UK - Frogtied on Little Getaway
Lil Missy UK
Story Missy just came home from work. She calls with a friend discussing that she finally has some time for herself. Missy is grabbed and put in a frogtie. She tells her captor he can take everything and just leave her alone. But he has other plans for her. Her mouth is stuffed and there are 3 pieces of tape put over her mouth. Missy struggles hard to get out of her ties giving a lot of helpless...

Tags: Rope Bondage tape gagged